HUNT Magazine is a new bi-annual publication that was launched during Summer of 2019. The collectible quality magazine will celebrate the hunting practices and traditions of communities from around the world.​​​​​​​

Whether stalking deer in the ancient forests of Europe, practicing falconry in the highlands of Scotland or pursuing challenging driven boar in Europe's densest forests, you can expect to read about it in the forthcoming volumes of the magazine.

HUNT magazine will also include the reviews of the finest museum hunting collections, articles discussing the craftsmanship and skills involved in making the tools we use to hunt, as well as stories of hunters and their quarry. As hunting is one of the most important and successful tools in protecting bio-diversity, we will also include articles about conservation from biologists and researchers.

The hunt, by its very nature, is a time when all of our senses are heightened. Every muscle-fibre and nerve is wound tight with anticipation. Yet hunting requires calmness under pressure. Who can truly describe that unique, heady cocktail of emotions that courses through the hunter’s veins?
Hunting requires determination and dedication: we tackle the harshest of landscapes, from the open plains to the frozen mountaintops; we take on rain, snow, wind and baking sun - at times it can be downright miserable, so why do we keep coming back? Because a passion is a passion, and the challenge is what makes it special.
Volume ONE - Issue II
HUNT magazine
Volume ONE - Issue I
HUNT magazine